Oct 01 2011

Blogging: Learning Technology

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I have always wanted to blog. This course has given me the opportunity to make that desire a reality. There are so many benefits to blogging. One of the benefits of blogging is that it allows you build a community that share, contribute and learn together. Blogging allows you to write about anything that you want to share. This form of asynchronous communication can be used as a learning tool.

Blogs can be a way for teachers to share their thoughts with their students. It can allow students to contribute while in a different time and different place. Blogs allow interaction and exchange between students; and it allows students to build upon each others responses. The Merriam Webster dictionary describes learning as “the act or experience of one that learns ” and “knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study”. Based on this, it is easy to see how the act of blogging could produce learning and instill new skills. The skills could be through formal instruction within the blog, or though learning though interaction and conversations. I believe that blogging is an exciting learning technology with great flexibility and scalability. I had not considered blogging a learning technology prior to starting this class however upon reflection, it is now easy to see that blogging is indeed a tool for learning.

 Bartlett-Bragg (2003) explains that the structure that has evolved from the introduction of blogging can be most effectively represented as a five-stage process below.

 Source: Blogging to Learn, pg 9

Source: Blogging to Learn, pg 9


What are your thoughts on using blogging as a technology tool for learning?



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