Oct 31 2011

Learning through Social Networking

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One of the newer trends that I have come across is learning through social networking. Although this trend may have been in existence for some time, I did not realize how popular this trend was until recently. Educators now have a variety of optional available that allow students to learn within an environment in which students can interact with each other.

Twiducate is one of these new social networking learning methods. It is free for teachers to sign up for twiducate. In addition it allows the teacher to create a network for students and that teacher which is highly secure (Twiducate, 2011).

Image source: http://www.twiducate.com

A video overview of Twiducate can be found at the following link: Twiducate


Another Social newtworking tool that is being used by educators is Edmodo. This social networking learning application is similar to facebook. Teachers are able to post homework on the classroom wall for students (Geron, 2011). Students are also able to add status updates to their Edmodo class wall. As with Twiducate, the teacher has a high degree of control of the classroom.

Image Source: http://www.edmodo.com


A video overview of Edmodo can be found at the following link: Edmodo

Could you see yourself using either of these social networking tools as an educator? I could see myself using this tool in primary school education.


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