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Nov 30 2011

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Games and Simulation in a Learning Context

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Games and simulations have evolved over the years from being merely entertainment to being an asset tolearning. This is very exciting because it opens up the opportunity for more interactive learning aids to be developed. I have used games as a way to keep the interest of corporate trainees. I am always amazed at how far a competitive game of Jeopardy will go to create excitement among learners. There is the excitement at the prospect of winning; but it is also great to see learners recall what they have learned in a fun way.

Today, simulations are being used in a variety of settings.  Al-Elq (2010) explains that simulations are a ”particular set of conditions is created artificially in order to study or experience something that is possible in real life; or a generic term that refers to the artificial representation of a real world process to achieve educational goals via experimental learning” (para. 6). Al-Elq (2010) gooes on to further explain that simulations are common in a variety of areas such as military, aviation, nuclear power plants, business, medicine, and aerospace. I think that this is a good thing for many reasons. One example of the benefit of simulations is that it allows astronauts to train for space without being in space. This critical training is a way to set the stage for what the real environment would be like. Without this type of simulation training, I believe that they would be less prepared for a space mission. I am looking forward to seeing the development of education through simulation over the next decade.

Do you use games or simulations in a learning context?


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