Dec 05 2011

QR Codes

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Scan the code above with your phone. It will take you to my blog.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are a type of electronic barcode that can be read by special QR scanners, or by mobile devices. QR Codes can contain whatever message, information, or links that the originator wants the viewer to see.

As an educator you could use QR code to direct students to a learning module, link to a wiki, link to a prezi presentation, or blog. The code can also contain text that would be displayed on the recipients phone once the code is scanned.

This is an exciting development in online learning because it gives educators an addition avenue through which they can use to reach their audience. Cell and smartphone users can scan the code and get the necessary information wherever they are. This means that the QR codes could be placed at a public location. Teachers or instructors could speak or lecture on a particular topic and then the QR code could be posted at the back of the class so that learners can scan the code to be directed to their next objective. This objective could be a journal, blog, supplementary information or a combination of all.

Instructional Designer Diane Rees explains that QR Codes allows the opportunity for normal environments to be turned into a teaching environment(Rees, 2010). Through her blog, ( she gives some great examples of how you can use the QR code under the Instructional Strategies section.


Would you consider using QR codes within your curriculum?


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