Dec 06 2011

Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction

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I find Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction to be very helpful for me when designing learning (“Gagne’s nine events,” 2011) .


The 9 Events are:


Event 1: Gain attention

Event 2: Inform learners of objectives

Event 3: Stimulate recall of prior learning

Event 4: Present the content

Event 5: Provide learner guidance

Event 6:Elicit performance

Event 7: Provide feedback

Event 8:Assess performance

Event 9: Enhance retention and transfer to the job


I often start with an introduction. I usually ask each learner to introduce themselves to the rest of the last and state 2 things that are true
about themselves; as well as one that is not true. I also usually announce aprize for the winner. The winner would be the learner who has the most of their fellow students fooled as to which statement was not a fact about them.

I then explain to the learners what functions they will be able to perform once they have complete the training. I also discuss how learning
the new function will impact the learner’s job for the better and how it will allow them to perform better in their current role.

I usually discuss any previous experience that any learner has had with a similar learning activity.

Using an overhead projector, I normally show the learners a demonstration of the new process. I also give a hand out to each learner highlighting key events for the new training.

I usually show the class a PowerPoint presentation of the process.This presentation includes flowcharts, examples, and tips.

I then direct learners in the session to individual computer workstations or worksheets where they can practice their new skill.

I also go around and provide one on one feedback to individuals based on their practice of the new skill they have just learned.

Towards the end of the training session I normally give a quiz as an assessment tool for the new information they have just learned.

I also give learners a laminated quick reference guide with tips on how they can use the content they have just learned on the job. I also
create a space on the intranet that allows learners to access the presentation material used during the instruction. Learners can also submit questions which will be answered and displayed on the intranet system so that other users can benefit from the response.


Do you Gagne’s 9 Events in your work environment? How do you incorporate it?

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