Dec 06 2011

The Instructional Designer Role

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An instructional designer designs, documents and develops learning and training modules while incorporating theories of adult learning. Morrison, Ross, Kalman & Kemp (2011) explain that the instructional designer is the person who has “primary responsibility for designing the instruction” (p. 18). As a part of this process instructional designers aften meet with subject matter experts in the field that the design is being created for on an as need basis. Part of the key responsibilities for an Instruction designer is to interview and collaborate with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to gather source content and build authentic learning scenarios. Designers most often work with subject- matter expert (SME), an individual who is an expert in the content area (Morrison et al 2011).

Instructional designers makes learning more efficient by applying design principles to increase the probability of the desired learning outcome being realized. This is important because it can allow companies to develop more efficient training courses. Efficient training reduces costs for companies and therefore increases profitability. Effective instructional design also increases student satisfaction in educational institutions because it allows greater learning opportunities. Instructional designers take their target audience into consideration and aim to design courses that meets the needs of the learner.




Morrison, G., Ross, S., Kalman, H. & Kemp, J.E. (2011). Designing Effective Instruction. 6th Edition. New York:John Wiley & Sons.

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